1. These Terms and Conditions set forth the terms of use and conditions of use of the internet site, and its subdomains, and terms of sale available on the products’ websites.

The seller is TingTong Apps Co., Ltd., a company registered in Thailand, 40/21 Moo. 5, Vichitsongkram Road, Tambon Vichit Mueang Phuket 83000 Thailand

Contact the Seller at +48 533 763 799 or e-mail:

2. Users are required to read these Terms and Conditions before using the service. Starting to use the service means acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

3. Through the service, it is possible to purchase online and offline training services.

4. Users agree to abide by the applicable laws and the provisions of these Terms and Conditions from the time they are first used. As part of using the site, it is forbidden to publish any information of unlawful, offensive or personal nature.

5. Participants in all training programs organized or co-organized by TingTong Apps Co., Ltd. declare that they will not record, reproduce, preserve or disseminate in any form whatsoever. All training materials are the intellectual property of their creators, are copyright protected and made available only to private individuals. Training materials may not be sold, resold or made available to the public without the participation of trainers or coaches. TingTong Apps Co., Ltd. reserves the right to produce, reproduce and process your videos, audio recordings, photos, publications and any other material related to its training or coaching, excluding any other entities.

6. Participants in all training and coaching programs organized or co-organized by TingTong Apps Co., Ltd. declare that they agree to their image or voice recognition, and in particular by recording and photographing, and subsequent publication of photographs, audio / video recordings from training or coaching. , And to use their name, image, and voice, and declare that they will not have any claims related to it.

7. By participating in training or coaching, the participant will be provided with a knowledge of the methodology of the field of life in which the training relates. TingTong Apps Co., Ltd. does not guarantee the Participants to achieve their intended effect in the area of training / coaching. The participant is solely responsible for the manner in which he uses the methodology given to him, in particular for using them contrary to the instructor’s instructions.

8. Participants in training or coaching declare that they will not make any claims against training, coaching, or material derived from them.

9. Participants in training and coaching at TingTong Apps Co., Ltd. declare that they understand that they do not substitute for psychotherapy, medical treatment, pharmacological treatment and are exclusively educational.

10. The service contract for TingTong Apps Co., Ltd. may be concluded through the purchase of the service directly through the portal, and it is also possible to apply for the training / coaching through the application form, and in the latter case, and terms of service provision and payment within a fixed period of time.

11. TingTong Apps Co., Ltd. may ask the participant to leave the training (for the refund of the deducted money for the partial participation in the training, which will be calculated in proportion to the planned length of training and the time during which the Participant participated in the training). That is, in particular if the Participant is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, uses the words commonly found to be offensive to the instructor or other Participants, distorts the course of the tutor or other speakers during the training and if it interferes with the course The training and the negative impact on the whole group training process.

12. TingTong Apps Co., Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the training or coaching for reasons independent of the illness or accident of the person who was due to attend the training, resignation of the trainer during the time of replacement, loss of the right to use The place where the training took place, the occurrence of accidents which prevented the use of the premises in which the training was to take place (in particular fire, flood, lack of media supplies, eg electricity etc.). In this case, the participants who made the deposit have the option of using the same training at another time, using the money for another training organized by the company or getting a refund of the money paid.

13. Where the User considers that the way the service is performed is not consistent with the contract or has other reservations about how the service is performed, he / she has the right to file a complaint and to use the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

14. Complaints should be reported by email to: within 30 days of the payment date.

15. The complaint should include the name and surname, the payment confirmation, the date of payment.

16. Complaints will be resolved within 10 days of receipt of the complaint. A 30-day satisfaction guarantee means that, without a reason, the participant will receive a refund of the course fee within 10 days of receipt of the application and a bank account number.

17. In matters not covered by this Regulation, the applicable Thai law is applicable.

18. The court responsible for resolving any disputes connected with the performance of contracts concluded under these Regulations is the competent court in accordance with TingTong Apps Co., Ltd. 26. These Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the agreements entered into by the Service.